About White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.

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About White Rock for White Rock, British Columbia and Area

When you want to know White Rock, British Columbia

Overview of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

White Rock is found in the province of British Columbia, Canada. White Rock is a very spacious city with great job opportunities and education availability. White Rock, British Columbia rests on the border of Washington state (United States) and is home to the multi-ton white rock, which immediately became the name of this fair city.

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History of White Rock, British Columbia

The first settlers in White Rock, BC were the Semiahmoo first nation people. The first tracked white settlement was in 1850. Since the Semiahmoo first nation people began the historic evolution of White Rock they have demonstrated the greatest of intelligence. White Rock is home to the Douglas (BC) and Blaine (US) border at which stands the Peace Arch which was officially opened in 1920. This arch is a reminder of the agreements between the neighboring countries. The now famous 1 500 foot long pier was fully developed in 1914. The history of White Rock is a unique tale that continues on through its citizens.

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White Rock's Demographics

White Rocks first citizens were the first nation people of Semiahmoo tribe. Soon after the development of White Rock, more and more people decided to reside in this city. The more people came the more culture and ethnics varied. The city of White Rock is a secure and reassuring place to live for people of all ages.

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White Rock's Climate

The city of White Rock is located in the lower mainland of British Columbia and gets more sunshine then most cities located in the same climate zones. The beaches attract high winds during midday which sweep a refreshing breeze across the beach and promenade.

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Education in White Rock, British Columbia

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Transportation around White Rock, British Columbia

White Rock offers a variety of transportation methods around the city. White Rock allows you to be whisked away by the professional taxi cab drivers to explore the city at affordable prices. White Rock is also home to numerous limousine lines who would be more then delighted to grace you with their elegant rides about the city in style!

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Tourism and Attractions of White Rock

White Rock is a well visited city that offers a number of attractions to meet the needs of the common tourist. White Rock is home to the promenade, The Pier, The White Rock, museums, memorials, and other aspects of White Rock life that can be experienced on the trip of a lifetime.

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Surrounding Communities

  • White Rock
  • Crescent Beach
  • Douglas
  • Hazelmere
  • South Surrey

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Geography of White Rock, British Columbia

White Rock is found at the border of Washington state (US) and is in the lower mainland of British Columbia. White Rock is filled with admirable sandy beached and shores. The white rock is a geographical memorabilia to the people of White Rock, which there is many different theories behind. Some claim it was pushed through the oceans by the great glaciers. Where as some have a romantic angle of the story. They claim that the mighty sea god's son had fallen deeply in love with a Cowichan Indian Maiden, and their love had been denied by both of their father's so they set off to seek for a land to live their lives in peace. The Sea god's son had seen the rock and he hurled it as hard as he could and where it landed they began their life together!

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White Rock's Government

White Rock is run by Mayor Judy Foster and her six councilors. White Rock would like it's general public to become as involved with politics and what the Mayor and Council is working towards with the local government that they post an agenda of when their meetings will be and how long they are expected to run.

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White Rock's Economy and Industry

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White Rock's Culture and Significant Events

White Rock offers many interesting events for people pf all ages to take part in while visiting this wonderful city. White Rock holds Breakfast with Santa, The Firefighting and tree chipping contest, 30+ annual hockey tournament, Multiple Sclerosis Walk, Canada day on the Bay, and a series of Concerts on the beach. There are also a number of cultural events scheduled such as, foreign dancing lessons, and Henna painting lessons.

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Sports in White Rock, British Columbia

White Rock is home to many sports teams including the mighty Titans football team. White Rock is very proud of their league of Titans which range from Flag –Midget divisions. The White Rock Titans also come with their very own cheerleaders. Some claim the cheerleaders work just as hard as the football players in White Rock to get everyone pumped up and in the game.

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Media of White Rock

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